Clinical Fellowship Program

EBS United has the most extensive Clinical Fellowship experience in the country! The support our Clinical Fellowship Program provides exceeds ASHA and state requirements for obtaining your Certificate of Clinical Competence and professional state license. The EBS United Clinical Fellowship Program will provide individualized support to help you gain experience, independence, and confidence as a new professional making your journey as stress free and effortless as possible.

All EBS United Clinical Fellows are personally matched with a knowledgeable CF Mentor. Your EBS United CF Mentor will support you in understanding procedures and required paperwork, provide insight to different therapy skills and techniques, and address site-related concerns. Your professional growth with EBS United will continue beyond your CF experience through various levels of available professional development, continuing education activities, and access to our nationwide team.

Slide Fatima Hassan, M.S., CCC-SLP,
Regional Director | EBS United
"My journey as an EBS Healthcare Speech-Language Pathologist has been one filled with joy and learning at every curve. I began my Clinical Fellowship with EBS twelve years ago, where I was provided with a CF Mentor and level of support that surpassed anything I could have imagined. In recognizing my desire to further become multi-dimensional, EBS United became my next stepping stone far personal and professional growth. One only realizes the extent of how special it is to be part of a company like EBS when you can apply, be privileged to be accepted, and travel to a completely unique part of the world in order to learn, experience, and immerse yourself in another culture. That combination is pure magic!