Bilingual Immersion Programs

Learn, improve, or master a new language in a clinical setting while serving the needs of children in another country! As a part of the EBS United Bilingual Immersion Program, you will develop friendships, network, and gain a new perspective for serving Spanish-speaking children. Our Bilingual Immersion Program is a three-week intensive experience that will give you a jump-start on your journey to becoming a bilingual clinician or enhance the clinical and cultural skills you have already developed. Our program allows the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in different cultures and gain a greater understanding of diverse populations.

EBS United is offering exceptional, passionate clinicians the ability to enrich their lives and transform their careers by learning a new language, experiencing a new culture, and impacting lives abroad. During the three-week Immersion Program, you will be able to:

  • Participate in Spanish classes that are tailored to current skill levels with opportunities to listen, speak, read, and write Spanish every day.
  • Make a difference in the lives of the children and communities by volunteering, working, and collaborating in schools, clinics, and other facilities.
  • Explore the many historical and beautiful sights, taste delectable authentic food, and immerse even further into the fascinating culture.